Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smelly Baby, Smelly Baby, What Are They Feeding You?

It's been a banner week for me in the "Babies Are Gross" department. I've been peed on (from the tub: he's got quite the arc!), peed at, nearly pooped on (I've decided to feed him solids consistently, and now his diapers are showing me what we've not been missing out on. *eyes watering*), etc. And the kicker? Aiden FULL-ON vommed IN MY MOUTH the other day. Apple purée, oatmeal, and curdled milk. Holy FUUUUUUUH.

As horrifying as it was, it was pretty much instantaneously hilarious. We were hangin' out in the living room and I was having an awesome time playing with Aiden. Things have lightened up a bit around here; smiles have outnumbered the fits*. I lifted him for airplanes and told him "I'm having so much fun with you lately!" Zac gave us both a huge smile, "See! I told you it wasn't going to be difficult forever!" No more than 30-seconds later... directly. in. my mouth.

It took me a second to get Zac's attention, because he wasn't looking, and he thought the weird noises I was making was me playing with the baby. I'm pretty sure my eyes were bugging out of my head with shock. Once he was like "DID THE BABY THROW UP IN YOUR MOUTH?!" he decided to take a picture instead of help me. Ehh, I would've done the same. There's even a perfectly timed clip of me garbling "this is terrible" because he didn't realize my phone was on video mode. I'll spare you all THOSE images. Even though, for some strange reason, I didn't immediately delete them.

Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

*Of course, in the middle of me writing this post, Aiden had a full-on teething meltdown. I had to wear him in the Ergo AND bounce him on the exercise ball. I haven't had to do that in months!


  1. OMG! I get this. I've been there. Babies are gross and they grow up into gross kids who full on wipe their noses on your pants and then poop on your feet. It happens!

    1. Haaa, you didn't have to comment. But thank you ;)

      Yes, I'm preparing myself for future gross moments! It doesn't bother me too much, so I guess that's good!