I'm 30 now (as of 6/13), and it's blowing my mind. I can be pretty shy and I'm a people-watcher by nature, but I've been making an effort lately to put myself out there and come out of my shell. Most of the time I end up sounding like Peter Klaven, but hey, I'm trying!
Even though I've loved lipstick and lipgloss since I could walk, I didn't wear much makeup until I discovered foundation and eyelid primer in my early to mid 20s. Then it was ON. YouTube has also been an asset to learning how to not look like a clown. I could watch Lisa Eldridge all day long.
I love to laugh. In fact, when it comes to movies, I pretty much only want to watch comedies. (I'm also not much of a movie person.)


The reason I chose the name Of The Pacific is because I'm at my happiest when I'm near the ocean. I've enjoyed the shores of the Pacific Ocean from 5 different coastlines: Washington, Oregon, California, Mexico, and Hawaii.

When I've got my feet in the sand, the salty breeze on my face, and the sound of the waves crashing in my ear - I'm home.