Monday, September 23, 2013

8 Months

My baby boy turned 8-months-old on Saturday, and I swear, he just gets bigger (no, really?) and sweeter by the day.

We're now three-quarters of the way through his first year, and just... what? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, IT'S GOING BY SO QUICKLY. Sometimes, if you're close to something, it's harder to notice the little changes that happen day-to-day. But I swear I go into his room some mornings and I can just tell he's grown, or his face matured a little bit overnight. I know to expect it and yet, it still blows my mind.

Aiden now sits unsupported really well, but he still needs the occasional pillow to soften the blow if he tips over. Because he spit up SO MUCH in the past, and still does on a full stomach, I didn't/don't sit him up as often as I'd like. I think that's part of the reason he developed that skill a little later than other kids. (Though he's still right on schedule.) In fact, he looks like he'll be able to pull himself into a sitting position any day now. But at the moment, it kind of looks like he's just doing some weird floor routine.

He's also definitely crawling, in an non-traditional sense. It's an army crawl, often coupled with rocking, swaying, and rolling; but the boy is going places! I swear, he rolls with pinpoint accuracy. I've already had to do some living room rearranging. Goodbye thoughtful d├ęcor.

Solids are an exciting part of his day now, even though by some people's standards, he doesn't get too much besides breastmilk (and that's just fine with me). Within days of him trying Happy Puffs for the first time, his picking up & feeding himself skills drastically improved. He really enjoys his food, and now he squeals with delight when I'm feeding him, and he lets me know if I'm not going fast enough. Sorry kid! 

I'm just really enjoying him at this stage, and I think I'm starting to become more at peace during moments that aren't so easy. He is such a love, and he brings me so much joy and humor and knowledge and wonderment every day. 

He has my whole heart.

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  1. OMG AIDEN! He gets cuter and cuter! I want to sniff and squeeze his cuteness!