Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How I Accidentally Became A SAHM

6 months ago, at nearly 30-weeks pregnant, I was fired from my job of 4 years. Before that day, I'd never even had so much as a warning at any job I've held.

Sometimes I still can't believe it, because it caught me totally off-guard, and I'm still quite flabbergasted with the entire situation. The reason why I don't really talk about it in public is because my husband and I were co-workers, and he still works there. The dust has definitely settled, and as I stated in an earlier post, I was going to delve into the details. 

However, after some discussion, because Zac is still with the company we don't feel comfortable publicly disclosing what happened in full.

That being said, it turned out to be such a blessing in disguise. We were pretty outraged at first, and scrambling to figure out our next course of action. But shortly thereafter, we realized we'd be just fine. I was able to finish out my pregnancy by getting as much rest and preparation in as possible before the baby's arrival, instead of worrying how I'd be able to continue working as my stomach grew larger and my body grew weary. 

Life definitely threw us an unexpected twist when this went down, but I tend to believe the phrase "everything happens for a reason." And so far, things are going pretty damn well.

*If you're truly curious what happened, feel free to ask in private.

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  1. It's funny how things work out sometimes. The week before I was to go back to work after having my boy, he got laid off from work so he could stay home and take care of him. No daycare - woot woot.

    But it sucks to get fired, no matter what.

    So I'll admit, I am curious. Do you feel like sending me an email? monstergirlee at gmail dot com.

    ps. Did you guys get a call from the ILWU? I did not, sad face.