Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Saying Goodbye To Summer

As much as the internet wants it to be fall already, IT'S STILL SUMMER. And uh, it's supposed to be 90 degrees here in Seattle today. Take that, internet! Basically, you're gonna have to pry Summer from my cold, dead hands.

We got kind of spoiled with ridiculously awesome weather this year, and I hate to admit it, but I almost feel like I wasted it. Aiden's eyes are sensitive to sunlight (he squints and turns his face away immediately, and doesn't always like his hats), and I didn't want him to get a sunburn or overheat. So, in an effort to keep him comfortable, we stayed indoors a lot. Just typing that makes me sad, because I love me some sunshine and warmth. Now that we're really down to the wire, I'm trying to get outside with him more, especially when it cools off a little faster.

Aiden in his bouncer on the patio while I painted on the lawn.

I cruised him around our backyard the other day, showing him our garden, and was telling him that next year, he'll be able to run around and enjoy Summer a lot more. It was kind of weird saying that because I know how fast it'll get here. And he'll be so... big. He's growing right before my eyes. And I swear sometimes when I peek over the crib after a nap, he's bigger than when I laid him down. (Coincidentally, I always sing to him "did you just groooow?" after he's taken a long nap.)

As much as I'd love for him to stay my sweet, tiny baby, him getting bigger does have its perks. Just last night, we took him to a local park and put him on the swings for the first time. He absolutely loved it. He'd kick his little legs and feet like he was swimming in air. CUTE.

I planned on bringing him back to the same park for a dip in the lake this afternoon; but uh, he still hasn't taken a single nap yet. (He woke up at 7, and it's now 2:15.) Soooo, we'll see how that all pans out. But I do know one thing, this lady is DEFINITELY going to the lake no matter what. Zac might have to hold down the fort while I relax, float, and ponder the meaning of life.

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