Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankful Thursdays: #4

Lately, I've felt like a heavy, grey cloud has begun to cast a shadow over me. I have realized that I need to get back to focusing on the positives, and you know, finding the joy in everyday life. To help me with this, I've decided to bring back Thankful Thursdays. I may not do it every week, but that's okay, too. As long as I'm trying to stave off negativity, that's all that matters.

1. My happy boy has returned:

I mentioned before that the past month was harder for me than any other time since Aiden was born. Between teething, growth spurts, and developmental leaps; he was giving me quite a hard time. And it was really wearing me out.

Right now, he's in that sweet spot: between leaps and spurts. His sunny disposition is back, and just in the nick of time. Monday's social media update summed it up perfectly: "I'm having an amazing day with this little guy filled with grins from ear-to-ear, belly-laughs, and giggles. The last month has been *so* hard for me as a mother. It's like he knew just what I needed."

2. Awesome Day Out on Tuesday:

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On Tuesday, Aiden and I ventured out together for over 6 hours. We met up with a neighbor and her son at Hobby Lobby; and then the two of us ventured on our own, finishing off the day having lunch together at Qdoba (he snacked on his toys), HomeGoods, and Trader Joe's.

I wore him in the Ergo everywhere we went, and his little legs hanging out the side brought smiles and coos to many fellow shoppers. He's pretty much the star of the show wherever we end up (humblebrag).

It was one of the longest solo outings I've done with him, and he did SO WELL. I felt empowered, as silly as that may sound.

Previously, when my back was consistently bothering me, I was too scared to hurt myself when I was on my own. And during his very fussy periods, it just seems easier not to go anywhere. Though, I've since decided that I'm going to try and get out even if he's having a bad day, because maybe all he'll need is a change of scenery.

3.) This

4.) This Blooper Picture

Right before we went to lunch, I snapped some pictures of Aiden and I. Most of them didn't turn out (which is to be expected), but this one just made me laugh. A lot. Like mother, like son. Sweet faces, yo.


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