Monday, August 19, 2013

California Dreamin'

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Tuesday night, we finally booked our trip to Southern California. A 90th Birthday celebration for both of my maternal grandparents had been in the works for months, until a last-minute semi-emergency surgery for my grandpa had to take place. 90% of the left artery in his neck was blocked, and luckily everything went absolutely perfect to repair it.

Because my grandpa lacks the ability to just rest, we had to postpone the party until he fully recovered, so he wouldn't overwork himself in preparation for guests.

But now, it's official! I'll be flying into Long Beach on September 25th, and staying until October 9th. I'm pretty nervous, because I've never flown with a baby before, and we haven't traveled very far since Aiden was 9-weeks-old. My parents are going to be on the same flight as I am, and my mom will be flying back with me and the baby. It'll be nice to have their help, but it's still giving me a bit of anxiety.

Due to work schedules, Zac is flying out later on the 25th, and coming home on October 4th. In fact, he's not only flying a different airline, but he'll be flying into a different airport (LAX)! That's the beauty of Southern California, there are always options. The 4th - 9th will be my first time solo parenting (barring any developments between then and now), and that also seems a bit daunting. I know I can do it, but I just might need a vacation from my vacation at that point.

I shouldn't focus too much of the tiny "negatives," because I'm truly excited for this trip. It'll be the first time my family will meet our little guy; the first time he sees the California Coast that I hold so close to my heart; the first time he gets to feel the love of a large, extended family; the first time sand filters between his tiny toes.

Oh, and In-N-Out.


  1. Summertime! In the LBC! This will be so fun. Aiden will be great on the plane and everyone loves cute babies. Will it be a direct flight?

    1. Ohhh yes! Homie don't play layovers.

  2. I'm sure Aiden will do great! I've found that it's easier the smaller they are. 1 1/2 - 3 were the worst flying ages for Em. I'm so excited to finally meet your beautiful family!

    1. I'm also very excited to meet yours! And Alyssa's! Eeeeeee.