Wednesday, August 21, 2013

7 Months

Sweet boy, you are 7-months-old today and it's blowing my mind. You are smiley, and loving, and giggly, and curious as all-get-out. But most of all, you are GROWING. In every sense of the word.

Part of this growth means you're fighting naps, and lately, bedtime, and you're just giving me a taste of my own medicine I suppose. (Grandma & Grandpa always say I was quite the challenging baby.) I've often not known the cause of your troubles; but in just the last few days, I've noticed that you've gotten a lot taller, longer, bigger, stronger (yeah, it HURTS when you pinch & pull). So, it seems as though another growth spurt is upon us. Admittedly, I haven't been Googling things, or reading up on BabyCenter as frequently, so I'm not anticipating changes as well as when you were a newborn.

Also? You now have 2! bottom front teeth; and it appears as though one of your top front teeth may be coming in, too! Those suckers are sharp, and I try not to keep my fingers anywhere near your mouth. Teething has been another huge source of your discontent. You try to chomp down on anything and everything. I've seen you try to bite the floor on more than one occasion. I'm not happy to admit that a couple of times (like last night), the only way I've gotten you to calm down is to turn on the TV, and let you suck on an ice cube that I've wrapped in a towel. It seems like the motion of the TV distracts you from whatever it is that's making you cry.

That's kind of been the name of my game lately- distraction. You've been so quick to cry in the last few weeks, that I'm always trying to be one step ahead and coming up with ideas to make you stop crying before you've even started. I sing, make weird noises, dance, and generally make a fool of myself; but if it means you aren't thinking about whatever pain you're in, I'm all for it.

We also introduced solids this past month (bananas was the first thing- you were a pro!, otherwise mostly organic oatmeal). I don't give them to you much right now (trying to mainly breastfeed until you're 1), but so far you've enjoyed the experience. You tried cantaloupe a few days ago, and it was your first food in its natural state. You were pretty skeptical at first, but you really liked it in the end. This series of pictures is just the best. That face!

click to enlarge

The 6th month of your life was probably the most challenging so far, but you always managed to make me smile or laugh right when I needed it most. No matter how hard being a parent is, no matter how long the days feel; the months are short, and my heart is so full of love for you. You are the light of our lives, little boy. And that will never change.

1.) Smiley after Wonder Week 26 2.) At Aiden's first wedding (a family friend's) 3.) Wearing his In-N-Out onesie for the first time 4.) Watching one of the many gorgeous sunsets with Daddy 5.) First trip to the zoo - the penguin exhibit 6.) Last Wednesday, when he only napped for 20 minutes in 14 hours 7.) Hangin' out on Daddy's side of the bed 8.) Practicing using a sippy cup. 9.) Smiley after Wonder Week 26


  1. You are gorgeous. Your baby is gorgeous. I want to squeeze and sniff him. Ahhh Aiden, such a smiley baby!

    1. Ahh, you're too kind! We'll have to get together so you can squeeze 'n sniff!