Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursdays: 2

Here's my list of what I'm thankful for this week ::

1. Sunshine: Seriously?! The weather has made it two Thursdays in a row! That's huge for the Seattle area. I seriously can't get enough of this sunshine. It'll be here for about another day or so, and I'm definitely taking advantage of it. Since I'm decidedly sick with a cold, I wasn't able to make it to Seattle like I planned. Instead, I've relaxed on our back patio with the dog. Not a bad compromise, I say. Which brings me to my next point...

2. Relaxing: With the prospect of soon trying to start a family, I'm definitely aware of each quiet moment I have. Someday, the idea of a lazy afternoon doing nothing will be all but a distant memory. Let's just say I'm getting my fare share of relaxing in now, before it's too late ;)

3. Fresh-Cut Flowers: The other day was the first time I've ever cut flowers from my yard and brought them inside. It made me ridiculously happy to snip a few stems of our hydrangeas that were already blooming when we planted them. My only problem now is that they're already starting to wilt. Hydrangeas are notorious for this, so I'm hoping I'll figure out how to make the blooms last.

4. Big Stick Popsicles: I had Zac pick me up some of these popsicles at the store last night to soothe my sore throat. These bring me back to my childhood, as they were my absolute favorite popsicle to have. And I think they still are. The beauty is that almost every store has their own store brand version of these for a hell of a lot cheaper than the Popsicle ones. It's funny how something as simple as a popsicle can instantly cheer you up.

Thankful Thursdays: A lesson in appreciating what we have, and finding the joy in every day life.


  1. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I always love the unexpected pink since so many people have the periwinkle ones!

    1. Thanks! I bought the pink ones for that very reason! I'm really bummed that 2 of the 3 stems wilted like crazy today. I cut them on Monday, so I suppose I didn't do TOO bad of a job.

  2. I too, am thankful for the sunshine! Oh my gosh it's been such a treat! YAY!
    My kids are finally in school from 9-3:30 this year so for the first time in 9 years, I've had free time to call my own. Whew.
    And I have a vase of flowers picked from my very own yard on my table - all things I'm thankful for too.
    I think Thankful Thursdays are a wonderful idea.

    ps. so excited for you to be in the family planning way. It's very exciting...

    1. It's kinda surreal that I'm thinking of starting a family. In some ways, I still feel like that 20-year-old with her whole life ahead of her.

      We're still NOT trying, but we're also NOT trying to NOT get pregnant. Ha! But I definitely feel like full-fledged trying is on the horizon.

      Wow! 9 years without any free time. That would certainly be something to get used to.