Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Twitter The New Blog? And Other Pregnancy Related Things

For me, it seems, that Twitter has killed my desire to blog regularly. I kind of feel like "what's the point?" because those (a handful of people) who would read this already follow me on Twitter anyway. And I probably would've tweeted what I would write a post about.

Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant, and overly-lazy right now. I don't know. I would've thought that pregnancy would be the perfect excuse to blog constantly, keeping tabs on how I'm feeling, etc. 

Perhaps it's because I generally don't like to talk about myself. 

I was thinking about this at work yesterday. It's kind of strange, but it almost irks me, in a way, when people ask me how I'm doing, or how I'm feeling. (This doesn't apply to everyone, just mostly people at work). I simply don't like to talk about myself much, or be the focus of attention; so being in the "limelight" because of pregnancy is slightly foreign, and honestly, slightly annoying. This must make me sound like an asshole, but that's how I feel a lot of the time. I know (for the most part) that these people are genuinely caring and just want to be nice, so I always give them a smile and a courtesy "doing/feeling pretty well." Maybe it's because a lot of these people ask me the same questions every single day. How much is going to change in 24-hours?

Some days it doesn't bother me as much, so maybe I'm just more moody and sensitive than usual. I'm guessing by the tone of this post, you're gonna go with moody. I must sound like a miser right now, huh? Don't answer that.


  1. I think about this a lot, the Twitter/blog conundrum, but I've decided I don't really care that much if what I end up blogging about is a repeat of something I've already said on Twitter. Probably helps that I'm on a Twitter hiatus at the moment ...

    Also, I find that people (usually co-workers I don't know very well/wouldn't necessarily associate with outside of work) look at pregnant women like ticking time bombs, especially people who don't have kids/have never been pregnant. There's this one gal at work (not married, no kids), who asks me about twice a week how I'm doing, and then proceeds to glance down at my belly several times while we're chatting, which is just so awkward. Maybe she's genuinely curious about pregnancy, and wondering when I'm going to start showing, but it makes me very uncomfortable, and clearly, she must feel weird, too, making small talk with a person who is GROWING ANOTHER PERSON IN THEIR BODY.

    Also, I just get sick of having the same answer for everyone when they ask if I'm feeling any better. I find it's just easier to say YEP! Then I don't have to see them feel sorry for me when I tell them I barfed again this morning.

  2. I hear ya, although my struggle is the Facebook/blog battle. My "friends" are so much more engaging/responsive to whatever silly comments and observations I post on Facebook rather than commenting on my blog. Getting myself to blog once a week is a tall order these days.