Tuesday, September 4, 2012


...I've felt the baby's kicks stronger than ever. At one point this morning, it felt like he was tap-dancing on my uterus and bladder. THAT is a strange feeling. I wonder if he had a little growth spurt, because his movements were much more pronounced today than even just two days ago.

And did I mention it's a boy? We're thrilled. I can't believe we agreed upon a name just one day after we found out his gender. Considering we had ZERO boys names in mind, I'd say it's impressive. For now, we're keeping it a secret. We're 99% settled, but still open to another name if we find one down the road. But, I think this is it. 

It's all becoming so much more real now. And yet, it's surreal. Zac and I went baby shopping (browsing for ideas) for the first time last Friday; and though we were browsing, I had to pick up a few things, of course. Leaving the store with an umbrella stroller and a bathtub shaped like a whale, that was the point in which we realized, "wow, this is really happening."

There are many times throughout the day that I forget I'm pregnant. I forget that in just a few short months, my life will be changed forever. And then he moves, and I feel kicks and butterflies in my stomach all at the same time. And then I remember. I'm having a baby. A boy. And I smile.

Today has been amazing.


  1. We started picking out some things for a registry this weekend, and somehow that made it real even though we didnt actually buy anything. I think we picked out the same whale tub. :)

    I can't believe you have a name! We just can't seem to find one (or two...boy, girl since we don't know) that seems right.

  2. SO EXCITING! The first time you feel and kick, and for sure it's a kick and it's a baby is amazing.
    Yay for you all!