Sunday, June 24, 2012

The First Time I Turn 29

Today is my 29th birthday. The last year of my 20s. Just typing this seems really crazy to me. Almost as crazy as the notion that I'm currently growing a tiny baby inside of me. It's quite surreal.

Normally, I'd be at work right now. But a few weeks ago, I decided to request the day off, and just have a "me" day. So far, my "me" day has consisted of laundry, doing some dishes, and a little bit of tidying up. I'm embarrassed to admit that this is the most housework I've done in nearly a month. I simply don't have the energy.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I knew that I'd be tired. But I had no idea how tired that I'd become. I mentioned it a little in my last post, and it certainly hasn't gone away. If it's a workday, once I get home, I'm done. I can't keep my eyes open. Last night, I got home from work at 6:45. By 8pm, I was truly fighting to keep my eyes open, and I slept on the couch until 11:30, when I finally got ready for bed. Rinse, repeat. Every day.

I'm so beyond thankful to have such a wonderful husband who has seriously picked up the slack. Not only does he do it all- he doesn't get angry, or resent me for it. How lucky am I?

Later this evening, we're meeting up with some friends who are visiting from Idaho. We're going to have dinner with them in Seattle at 6pm, and we get to meet their 2-month-old daughter for the first time. I'll be honest though, I'm just hoping to stay awake. Fingers crossed!


  1. Happy birthday Steph! Yay. Hope you guys had a great evening.

    So they say you get your energy back during the 2nd trimester, and it does, about 50 %.
    But sleep when you can, rest when you can, ffs you're growing another human being in there, it's OK to be tired.
    Thinking happy pregnancy thoughts for you!

  2. Happy Birthday again!! I am going to be such a trainwreck when I'm pregnant since I can hardly stay awake as it is. I'll be rooting for you!