Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6 Months

Aiden turned six-months-old on Sunday, and I just can't believe we're half-way to a year.

Each day, my baby is growing up more and more, and it just kinda breaks my heart a little. I escaped to Target for a few hours on Saturday night, the first time by myself in weeks. As I was browsing the baby food aisle, I got a lump in my throat because, wow, my sweet little boy is actually ready for real food. 

It's all happening so fast. You know it will, and yet the reality of it all still stings.


Last Thursday, we had his 6-month check-up, and he's still a little peanut. He weighed in at 14 lbs .2 oz, and measured 24.5" long. That puts him in the 4th! percentile. He's still following his own growth pattern perfectly, so I'm still not worried about it. Zac was a small baby too, so we're not really all that surprised. 

It was time for more vaccinations: 5 shots and one oral liquid. He took the shots pretty well. He didn't cry too much, and he seems to be handling it quite a lot better than his 4-month ones (those made him projectile vomit for about 24-hours, and he had a slight fever- fun!).

I say seems because he's actually been quite fussy for a week, and it got worse after his shots. I'm attributing his fussiness to a few things: teething, wonder week 26 (I've found this really applicable for us), and probably a bit of a reaction to the vaccines.

He is most definitely experiencing a developmental leap, which is both awesome and tiresome at the same time. He's super fussy, clingy, doesn't nap well, cries a lot more... BUT, he's also getting a lot better at doing things like getting around, trying to crawl, and almost able to sit-up unassisted. That, and the solid-foods thing. He's definitely showed signs (namely, a huge interest in what we're eating) of being ready to eat actual food.

We were going to give him his first taste of food on Thursday after we got the blessing from our pediatrician, but then we decided to wait a few days until we wouldn't mix up a possible reaction to food with a reaction to the vaccines.

I think we're in the clear now, and we'll either be taking the plunge tonight or tomorrow. His first food will be bananas. Fitting, because him growing up so quickly is exactly that. Bananas.


  1. Stephanie he is so adorable, I just want to sniff and snuggle him.

    1. Haha, thank you! You're welcome to any time. :)